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I am using Haskell's OpenGL.Raw library and I wish to use the GLboolean values for true and false, but they don't seem to be predefined in the library. How do I define these values myself?

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The two functions used for this in the OpenGL library are (in the internal module GLBoolean)

marshalGLboolean :: Num a => Bool -> a
marshalGLboolean x = fromIntegral $ case x of
   False -> gl_FALSE
   True -> gl_TRUE

unmarshalGLboolean :: (Eq a, Num a) => a -> Bool
unmarshalGLboolean = (/= fromIntegral gl_FALSE)

GLBoolean is an instance of the Num typeclass, but you need to convert the normal Bool values at every place you use an OpenGL function. If you don't want to convert it at every place then you can use the following

gTrue, gFalse :: Num a => a
gTrue = fromIntegral gl_TRUE
gFalse = fromIntegral gl_FALSE

But the disadvantage is that you cannot use the normal boolean operations like && and ||. Or you could let the OpenGL library do the wrapping for you, which also brings allong some typesafety and an interface that might be a bit better.

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