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What is the best way to populate the development database with sample data?

FactoryGirl seems to be useful for tests, but not suitable for development. Populator is not updated to Rails 3.

Should I use something like Faker or Forgery in a rake task?

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I'm using ffaker and populator gems in a rake task to create fake data in a Rails 3 project. Here's an example:

desc 'Create some fake tickets'
  task :tickets => :environment do
  Ticket.populate NUM_TICKETS do |t|
    t.title = Faker::Lorem.sentence(word_count=15)
    t.details = Faker::HipsterIpsum.paragraphs(sentence_count=3)
    t.group_id = rand(6)+1 # random group_id [1..6]
    t.status_id = 1
    t.priority_id = rand(3)+1 # random priority_id [1..3]
    t.contact_id = rand(NUM_CONTACTS)+1 # random contact_id [1..NUM_CONTACTS]
    t.creator_id = rand(6)+2 # random created_by [2..7]
    t.created_at = CREATION_PERIOD.sample

Full rake task here:

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This looks promising :

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Use faker gem in your Gemfile, bundle.. and... put this in your seeds.rb

100.times do
    title: Faker::Lorem.sentence(3),
    body: Faker::Lorem.paragraph,

$rake db:seed

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You shouldn't put sample data in seeds.rb: this file is meant to load real data into the database (i.e. geodata, cities, list of operating systems... and defaults in general). – collimarco May 9 '14 at 20:07
Where should you put them? thx.== – zack999 Jun 26 '14 at 3:03

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