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In my android application i am showing video (frame by frame) using SurfacView,i am showing 2,3,4 SurfaceView (videos) in one screen. Video (Surfaceview) appear as per remote user start their web came(desktop application). I have used urfaceHolder.Callback in SurfaceView.(Working perfect). When I rotate screen all video (Surface)gets full screen on one another and didn't maintain aspect ratio of 4:3 resolution. I had Override onConfigurationChanged method to hadel UI size of SurfaceViews. I have set layout for all SurfacView in onConfigurationChanged method when mobile rotate. All surfaceView gets write size ,i checked size in surfaceChanged method call back. But after this, all surface gets full screen size instead of i have just set. ( I dont ReCreate activity on my mobile rotation,not possible ). Thanks in advance Thanks & Regards

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