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How to make the testNG testcase execution in a particular order along with the ability to start the execution from a particular testcase.

For eg. If you run the below suite

public class Test1 {
public void test1() {

@Test(dependsOnMethod = "test1")
public void test2() {

@Test(dependsOnMethod = "test2")
public void test3() {

The order in which the testcases will executed will always be test1, test2, test3. But say sometime I want to start the execution from test2 and NOT from test1 i.e. I want to run test2 followed by test3 and without running test1. How can I achieve that?

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You could use an IAnnotationTransformer that would turn the enabled attribute of @Test to false. However, you would have to adjust the dependencies as well.

I think it's probably simpler to put this logic in your test method themselves (if a certain condition is true, just do nothing instead of running the test and its asserts).

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My suggestion would be add your tests to groups and then control the behavior from outside using testng.xml by specifying <group> let me know if you need further help on this.

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