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I am trying to parse the html side of an aspx page from the C# code behind.

Essentially I have a with multiple checkboxes that are named as such:

qlcbXX with XX being an id of an item pulled from a database.

What i would like to do is

a) parse linkSelections for all the checkbox inputs

b) determine if they are checked

c) if checked add to a list called keepList else add to list called removeList

Any ideas?



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Why don't you use a CheckBoxList? –  Julien Poulin Jul 23 '09 at 9:01

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 I think this would work:

 void IterateControls(Control parent)
                    foreach (Control c in parent.Controls)
                        if (c is CheckBox)

                        if (c.Controls.Count > 0)
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Use a CheckBoxList and make everything a lot simpler.

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