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I need write some data for my app, and I like know best way/place to put savegame data (score player, savegames with items and inventory, current level, etc...).

Binary format? SQlite? SharedPreferences? SDCard? Phone storage?


  • I need that user can't modify this data (edit savegame files, for example, for up level)

Please, explains your reply: why it is better?

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Binary format on phone storage, with encryption if possible. We had a tough time with some user hacking the high scores. So we changed our simple text format to encrypted binary.

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You can use the internal storage folder of your app (data/data/package name/), the user can't access this folder unless the device is rooted.In case the user data is very sensitive I would recommend to store in the 'cloud'/online otherwise you could just create a Save class and save it to a file so I won't be easy to change (serialized a object).

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