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I'm fairly new to the Git world after moving from SVN recently and I'm trying to understand the post-receive hook.

Hopefully I'm correct in saying that this is a server-side hook but how would I use the post-receive hook to run a command client-side or is there another hook to achieve this?


post-receive hook runs on server. Sends command to client/committer and that command runs on their computer (eg. echo Commit received.)

And sorry if I got this all completely wrong - I'm new to Git.

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Chapter 7.3 of Pro Git is an excellent resource for familiarizing yourself with Git hooks. –  David Cain Jul 28 '12 at 13:42

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I'm no expert on git hooks as I'm just learning to use them myself, but I would recommend reading this for some background/context on the hooks:

In answer to your specific question, you wouldn't use a post-receive hook to run a command on the client side, you would instead use one of the client side hooks like:


which would be I believe the client side equivalent of post-receive (i.e. after the entire commit process has completed).

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I have read your link, but cannot find why it is not executed. I have set permissions to 777. Only one guy suggests to check what transport protocol is git using, but I can't find how to check that –  Darius.V Jan 6 at 8:22
It sounds like you need to ask your own separate question. This question was about understanding which hook to use on the client side to run a command after a successful commit. –  Stephen Washburn Jan 7 at 18:06
I figured it out. By word server it meant bitbucket or some server like this. I was trying in my server. But my server was a client in relation to bitbucket. So thats why it was not working. I think that should be more clearly documented, because usually when developer thinks about server - its a linux server where he puts website files. But for that I used post-merge command , so when I run git pull on my server, it merges and executes a hook. –  Darius.V Jan 8 at 6:37

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