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I have the following store:

Ext.define('', {
extend: '',

config: {
    onItemDisclosure: true,
    fields: ['id', 'name','icon_url','xtype'],
    data: [
            id:   'child1',
            name: 'Thomas',
            icon_url: '',
            xtype: 'childmenu'
            id:   'addChild',
            name: 'Add child',
            icon_url: '',
            xtype: 'addchildform'
            id:   'share',
            name: 'Share',
            icon_url: '',
            xtype: 'childmenu'
            id:   'myProfile',
            name: 'My Profile',
            icon_url: '',
            xtype: 'childmenu'
            id:   'help',
            name: 'Help',
            icon_url: '',
            xtype: 'childmenu'

I also want to add some json data from the server to this store, how can I contatinate client and server data ?

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Even though I'm not sure, but you can use store's data property as follow:;

Assuming that newData is an array containing the server's share of data. But you need to take a look at ExtJS's API documentation. Sorry but setting up a test environment for this problem is time consuming and right now I don't have that much of it. I just hope I could point you to the right direction.

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thanks, just the API call I was looking for – Thomas Vervik Jul 28 '12 at 14:08

Create a store with model you described above. The store should set proxy to server data

Store.load(function (store) {
    store.add(data)// data is an array with you local data
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