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I used simpleModal and jquery-ui tabs for this project. I have a link named "Filter" on the form that will call FilterModal() to display the modal.

function FilterModal() {

Div #divFilterModal is inside _Filter.cshtml.


Inside _Filter.cshtml, I have two link buttons, one is "Run" that will execute filter from the selected choices then posting back the result and closes the modal, second is "Cancel" that will just close the popup. Also I have used jquery ui Tabs on this control.

 $(document).ready(function () {

So when I click the Filter link, the modal pops up and the tabs is working well. Every thing is ok if I click "Run" button. But when I click the "Cancel" button, when I open again the modal, the tabs are breaking up. Every time I click to another tab, the previous tab will not deselect/unfocus making more tabs opened.

I check the jquery ui script if it was deleted when the modal was close, but it is still there. Any idea on this? thanks in advance

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I already solve this one. The trick is you should initialize the tab inside onShow. Here's the code.

    onShow: function (dialog) {
    onClose: function (diag) {


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I have similar problem and I tried your solution but this does not work. Please see my post at stackoverflow.com/questions/16823767/… with examples – swg1cor14 May 29 '13 at 21:12

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