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I am working on a very simple script that will update the viewers of a document. In my Google Apps domain, the default sharing permissions were changed. My admin would like to go back and change the sharing settings on all existing documents. While working on my POC, I have encountered an error and was wondering if there was a different piece of GAS which I should employ.

The problem is that I am unable to remove the domain user as a viewer on a document due to an "Invalid Email" error.

The message is: Exception: Invalid email: MyDomain.com

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

[I have removed logging and error catching from the following code.]

function removeDomainUser()
    function (file,i ,array)

        //--Always pick the Domain Viewer--//

        var toRemove = -1;
            toRemove = user.getEmail() == "MyDomain.com" ? i : toRemove;

        //--If there is a Domain viewer, remove it--//

        toRemove > -1 ? file.removeViewer(file.getViewers()[toRemove]) : '';
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Unfortunately this isn't possible using the DocsList service. There is an open feature request to add this functionality. You should be able to accomplish this by making calls to the Documents List API using UrlFetchApp.

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Thank you. I'll have to make this retro fit using the API (which I half expected, but wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong). –  fooby Jul 31 '12 at 12:46

I havent figured out the error in your code but I have been able to achieve the same goal with the following bit of code

function removeDomainUser(user){
  //User is your domain user
  // e.g user = email@mydomain.com
  var files = DocsList.getAllFiles();
  for(var i in files){
    var viewvers = files[i].getViewers();
    for(var j in viewvers){
      if(viewvers[j] == user) files[i].removeViewer(user);
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There is no error in the functionality of my code. If I grab a user such as "me@mydomain.com," then that user is removed. Functionally, your code is the same as mine. The problem I am having is with the default viewer set by having the Apps sharing default set to: This organization People at this organization can find and access. Hopefully this helps: DocsList.getAllFiles()[0].getViewers()[0].getEmail() returns: "MyDomain.com" but, var userToRemove = DocsList.getAllFiles()[0].getViewers()[0]; DocsList.getAllFiles()[0].removeViewer(userToRemove) throws the error in my question. –  fooby Jul 30 '12 at 14:49

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