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I have stored count(ProductQuantity) into a list. As each ProductID have different count(ProductQuantity), i am trying to retrieve the ProductID based on the count(ProductQuanity).

  For Each i In sumofpquantity()

    Dim sq As String = "SELECT ProductID From OrderDetail Where COUNT(ProductQuantity)= " & i & ""
        Dim cmd2 As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sq, connection12)
        Dim reading As SqlDataReader = cmd2.ExecuteReader()
        While reading.Read()


        End While
    Next i

sumofpquantity() is the method to store the count(ProductQuanity)

What is the correct sql statement to retrieve the productid based on the count(ProductQuantity)

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So you want the records with a given quantity, then simply remove the COUNT:

Dim sq = "SELECT ProductID From OrderDetail Where ProductQuantity = " & i 

COUNT is an aggregate-function. So you would need a GROUP BY ProductID for example. You cannot count something that is already a single numeric value.

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You can use a having clause to search for a product with a specific number of occurances. For example, this looks for products with 42 sales:

select  ProductID 
from    OrderDetail 
group by
having  SUM(ProductQuantity) = 42

To pass the number 42 to the database, consider using a parameter:

Dim sq As String = _
    "select  ProductID" & _
    "from    OrderDetail" & _
    "group by" & _
    "        ProductID" & _
    "having  SUM(ProductQuantity) = @cnt"
Dim cmd2 As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sq, connection12)
cmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@cnt", 42);
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Well, it is a good practice to use paramaterized queries, like this:

Dim sq as String = "SELECT ProductID " & _
                   "FROM OrderDetail " & _
                   "WHERE ProductQuantity = @DesiredQuantity"
Dim cmd2 as SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(sq, connection12)
cmd2.Parameters.AddWithValue("@DesiredQuantity", i)

With this query, SQL looks for products with ProductQuantity = @DesiredQuantity, and @DesiredQuantity is assigned the value of the variable i. Parameters prevent SQL injection, amongst other potential problems.

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