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I use watir-webdriver and try to find the position of an element like $browser.div(:id, "foo"). When i try to click on it, the chromedriver says

Element is not clickable at point(-1707, -799.5)

How is it possible to get this coordinates of the element? I tried this:

But I get an error when I tried to call the document() method.

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Dead link, but archived at… – Ed Norris Jan 29 at 23:17

I assume you are using Watir-Webdriver since you are using Chromedriver. The article you reference is actually for Watir, which is not always the same as Watir-Webdriver.

For Watir-Webdriver, you can get the element location by directly calling the webdriver methods.

Try this:

location = browser.element(:id, 'id').wd.location
puts "location x = #{location[0]}"
puts "location y = #{location[1]}"
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i think that location (.wd.location) is a relative location which is within the browser page range, not the absolute location of the system screen.

say, it gets (700, 300) as your browser is maximized. but it gets (500,200) as your browser is moved....

i got a button's "wd.location" and then sent a mouse-click event from Autoit"autoit.MouseClick("left", x, y)". I found the mouse is out of the button. I must add an offset to fix it, but real problem is that offset changes with my browser location...

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