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Ok so I'm assembling code with NASM and linking with Golink. I have been using Windows API calls and C calls directly through the DLLs. For example, kernel32.dll for something like ExitProcess and msvcrt.dll for something like printf. However, when I try to use decorations like this, _ExitProcess@4 or _printf golink complains about decorations and suggests using the /mix flag. When I use it Windows complains that the output file is not a valid win32 program. When I don't use decorations it works fine. Can anyone explain what's up?


extern printf
extern ExitProcess
;A bunch of code which isn't really important to this

Then my commands:

nasm -fwin32 test.asm
golink test.obj kernel32.dll msvcrt.dll /console /entry _start
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I use Nasm, but not in Windows so I'm not really familiar with GoLink. I think it adds the "decorations" internally. It may want the leading underscore. Nasm will add this to anything extern/global if you use "--prefix _" on the command line.

Reading the error message(s) carefully may give you a hint of what GoLink expects. Try it until trial > error. :)

Best, Frank

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