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I'm new to Heroku and recently deployed my rails app - it seems to run fine for the most part; I can reach my index, I can edit posts, and I can create new posts, but there's one view that just will not load. I've spent some time trying to figure out what the issue is but can't get it to work. I'll post the offending view here, and if anyone could give me some advice as to why this view won't render in the page that would be greatly appreciated.

For reference, I'm receiving a Rails 500 error. It's also running fine in Development Mode, it's only in production that I'm receiving this error.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

<%= javascript_include_tag :all %> 
<div id ="header">
  <div id = 'logo_head'>A | K</div>
<body id="mainbody">

<div id="content_show_head" class="mobile_column">
   <%= @post.title %>

<div id ='slider_outter_wrap'>
<div id ='img_wrap'><%= image_tag(@post.ftimg, :id => 'ftimg') %></div>
<div id ='slider'>
 <div id='slide_inner_wrap'>
  <%= image_tag(@post.ftimg, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img1, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img2, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img3, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img4, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img5, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img6, :class => 'slidepic') %>
  <%= image_tag(@image_gallery.img7, :class => 'slidepic') %>

<div id="content_show_body" class="mobile_column" data="default_scroll">
  <span class = "reading_area">
  <h2 class='reading_button'>Project:</h2>
  <p><%= @str = @post.subhead.html_safe %></p>
  <span class = "reading_area">
  <h2 class='reading_button'>Description:</h2>
  <p><%= @str = @post.description.html_safe %></p>
  <span class = "reading_area">
  <h2 class='reading_button'>Process:</h2>
  <p><%= @str = @post.process.html_safe %></p>
  <span class = "reading_area">
  <h2 class='reading_button'>Made With:</h2>
  <span id="createdwith"><%= @str = @post.createdwith.html_safe %>
<div id = "reading_mask"></div>
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Run heroku logs -t in your terminal and reproduce the error via HTTP request (i.e. in your browser). The error will show up in your terminal window and you'll know what the issue is. Most likely it's something attributed to different environments (ruby version, gems, environment variables, read-only filesystem, etc). – coreyward Jul 28 '12 at 16:48
Also, is there a reason you keep assigning data from your Post object to @str? You can't include a space between class and = nor = and the opening quote ("). Finally, it's not valid to nest block level elements (like p and h2) in inline elements (in this case, span). – coreyward Jul 28 '12 at 16:50
Sorry, one last note: to use data attributes you're supposed to include a hyphen and a way of describing the data, e.g. data-sport="soccer" or data-selector=".hoopla". You're using the attribute "data", which will operate correctly right now, but isn't technically to-spec and could change. – coreyward Jul 28 '12 at 16:52
Thanks for the comments - I'll check it out and see if I can get it working. I'll also switch those spans (I had them specified as block elements) over to divs - I think that's a relic from when i started working but there's no reason to leave them that way now. – Andrew Klatzke Jul 28 '12 at 17:56

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