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I'm registered at google playstore developers panel. I payed 25$ and everything. Only thing that has left is that i need to register to google checkout merchant but on registration form I'm asked to fill in company informations. Problem is that i want to sell my game as the person not as a company. Is that impossible?

If is can someone tell me some alternatives like publishers? Maybe give me a list of trusted ones? Any help would be great :)

Thanks in advance!

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Yeah--you can absolutely enter a person's name for that. – sblom Jul 28 '12 at 16:50

No, you do not need a company name. This is the name that will be displayed under your application in the market, and you can always change it later.

Have a look here:

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Thanks!!!! I love you all :) – user1559845 Jul 28 '12 at 17:02

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