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I have implemented the delegates CPTPlotDataSource and CPTPlotSpaceDelegate in my view controller. I also have set plotSpace.allowsUserInteraction = YES and self.hostView.allowPinchScaling = YES.

However, the methods

-(BOOL)plotSpace:(CPTPlotSpace *)space shouldScaleBy:(CGFloat)interactionScale aboutPoint:(CGPoint)interactionPoint,

-(BOOL)plotSpace:(CPTPlotSpace *)space shouldHandlePointingDeviceDownEvent:(id)event atPoint:(CGPoint)point,

-(CGPoint)plotSpace:(CPTPlotSpace *)space willDisplaceBy:(CGPoint)proposedDisplacementVector and

-(CPTPlotRange *)plotSpace:(CPTPlotSpace *)space willChangePlotRangeTo:(CPTPlotRange *)newRange forCoordinate:(CPTCoordinate)coordinate are not called even though the plot is zoomable.

What did I miss in my code?

Thank you!

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I did forget to set my delegate: plotSpace.delegate = self;

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You also forgot to accept your answer. – Dev Perfecular Jul 29 '12 at 0:43

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