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I have the following database structure

  text_1 (INT)
  text_2 (INT)

  id_i18n (PK INT)
  locale  (PK VARCHAR(5))
  text    (TEXT)

On table_1, the columns text_1 and text_2 are foreign keys pointing to some i18n.id_i18n entries. I can easily join the entries for a specific locale

SELECT t1.text as text_1, t2.text as text_2
FROM table_1
LEFT JOIN i18n as t1 ON text_1 = t1.id_i18n and t1.locale = "en_us"
LEFT JOIN i18n as t2 ON text_2 = t2.id_i18n and t2.locale = "en_us"

I can also get the following

row1: locale, text_1, text_2
row2: locale, text_1, text_2
row3: locale, text_1, null
row4: locale, text_1, text_2

using this query

SELECT t1.text as text_1, t2.text as text_2
FROM room
LEFT JOIN i18n as t1 ON text_1 = t1.id_i18n
LEFT JOIN i18n as t2 ON text_2 = t2.id_i18n and t1.locale = t2.locale
group by t1.locale;

assuming the I have the following i18n entries

      id_i18n   locale  text
row1: 1         en_us   text_1_for[en_us]
row2: 1         en_gb   text_1_for[en_gb]
row3: 1         el_gr   text_1_for[el_gr]
row4: 2         en_us   text_2_for[en_us]
row5: 2         en_gb   text_2_for[en_gb]
row6: 2         pr_pk   text_2_for[pr_pk]
row7: 1         en_ca   text_1_for[en_ca]

and then a table that links to those named tbl

     id, i18n_text_1, i18n_text_2
row1 1   1            2

I want to produce a result set like

      locale,  text_1,              text_2
row1: en_us    text_1_for[en_us]    text_2_for[en_us]
row2: en_gb    text_1_for[en_gb]    text_2_for[en_gb]
row3: el_gr    text_1_for[el_gr]    null
row4: pr_pk    null                 text_2_for[pr_pk]
row5: en_ca    text_1_for[en_ca]    null

Hope this helps :)

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What do you mean by "all existing locales for both columns"? Could you clarify your question a bit more? Perhaps provide some sample data? –  Zane Bien Jul 28 '12 at 19:39

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Try this:

SELECT     a.locale, c.text AS text_1, d.text AS text_2
FROM       (SELECT DISTINCT locale FROM i18n) a
CROSS JOIN table_1 b
LEFT JOIN  i18n c ON b.text_1 = c.id_i18n AND a.locale = c.locale
LEFT JOIN  i18n d ON b.text_2 = d.id_i18n AND a.locale = d.locale

SQLFiddle Demo

EDIT: This might work better:

    a.locale, b.text_1, c.text_2
    (SELECT DISTINCT locale FROM i18n) a
    SELECT b.locale, b.text AS text_1
    FROM   table_1 a
    JOIN   i18n b ON a.text_1 = b.id_i18n
) b ON a.locale = b.locale
    SELECT b.locale, b.text AS text_2
    FROM   table_1 a
    JOIN   i18n b ON a.text_2 = b.id_i18n
) c ON a.locale = c.locale

SQLFiddle Demo

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Adding a GROUP BY locale at the end made it work like a charm! You're a genius. Thanks a lot :) –  ptheofan Jul 28 '12 at 20:40
@Virus, hmm okay, I'm assuming you don't care which text_1 -> text_2 combination is returned with the particular locale then. Regardless, glad to hear it works for you! –  Zane Bien Jul 28 '12 at 20:42
I just validated a resultset completely and it appears adding GROUP BY is not such a good idea. Withought the GROUP BY I get all combinations (cartesian product). Any suggetions on how to fix that? –  ptheofan Jul 28 '12 at 20:51
@Virus, if you only want one text_1 -> text_2 combination per locale, which combination do you want? The only way you can represent all text_1 -> text_2 combinations for each locale is to have the combinations repeated for each locale. Can you please provide some sample data and your expected desired result? –  Zane Bien Jul 28 '12 at 20:55
@Virus, Thanks for posting your data. I see what you mean now; I'm formulating a solution for you now. –  Zane Bien Jul 28 '12 at 21:29

Could you do

  FROM table_1
  JOIN i18n ON i18n_title = i18n.id_i18n OR i18n_name = i18n.id_i18n
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I want to get all the i18n related columns in a single query and don't want to mix the results. So, correct result would be row1: text_1{locale, text} text_2{locale,text}, row2: text_1{locale, text} text_2{locale, text}, etc. and of course null when there's no text for that locale ;) –  ptheofan Jul 28 '12 at 19:43
select sd.locale, sd.text as short_descr, ld.text as long_text FROM room LEFT JOIN i18n as sd ON i18n_short_descr = sd.id_i18n LEFT JOIN i18n as ld ON i18n_short_descr = ld.id_i18n group by sd.locale; –  ptheofan Jul 28 '12 at 20:01

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