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I am trying to use Java cli commanlineparser to parse the follwing arguments,

java -OC:\mydirectory -NMyfile

Option -O is for directory and -N is for the name of file.

I have been looking online but couldnt find a good example and this is what I am trying to do,

Option option = new Option()
option.addOpton("O",true, "output directory)
option.addOpton("N",true, "file name)
CommandLineParser parser = new BasicParser();
if (cmd.hasOption("O")

Basically, I am trying to add multiple options and be able to parse them. Is this correct way to run the program with above options?


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have you tried it? Is there a problem? Are you using the apache commons cli library or are you trying to implement it yourself? –  peshkira Jul 28 '12 at 20:21
Yes and I am using apache cli. I am getting "UnreconginziedOptionExcepton" –  Tony Jul 28 '12 at 20:22

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Try the following:

Option opt1 = OptionBuilder.hasArgs(1).withArgName("output directory")
    .withDescription("This is the output directory").isRequired(true)

Option opt2 = OptionBuilder.hasArgs(1).withArgName("file name")
    .withDescription("This is the file name").isRequired(true)

Options o = new Options();
CommandLineParser parser = new BasicParser();

try {
  CommandLine line = parser.parse(o, args); // args are the arguments passed to the  the application via the main method
  if (line.hasOption("output") {
     //do something
  } else if(line.hasOption("name") {
     // do something else
} catch(Exception e) {

Also, you should leave a blank space between the argument and the value in the command line.

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