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substitute a pattern only if it appears at the beginning of a string. for e.g. str1 = "abab abadfadsf"

I only want to remove/replace the "ab" at the beginning of str1, i.e. I want to write an regex so that I can get str2 = "ab abadfadsf" from str1 by re.sub

how do I do it?

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Did you even bother reading the docs? –  Michał Górny Jul 28 '12 at 20:34

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You can use re.sub('^ab', '', 'abab abadfadsf')
^ stands for the beginning of the string.

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You'd be better off using the builtin string methods for this simple case - a regex is useful for more complex matching, but not required for this.

str2 = str1[2:] if str1.startswith('ab') else str1
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