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Possible Duplicate:
What is the fastest or most elegant way to compute a set difference using Javascript arrays?

I need help with devising a function that will return the difference between two arrays of strings in Javascript (jQuery is acceptable as well).

I am basically looking for a function that calculates array A minus B.

So if we have the followin"

A = ['Istanbul', 'Hong Kong', 'Berlin'];
B = ['Berlin', 'Bonn'];

Calling diff = minus(A,B) should result with diff being populated with the following values ['Istanbul', 'Hong Kong']

I do not want to use an additional library like JS Set.

Please help with suggestions ...

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Have you made any attempts to solve this already? If you have, what went wrong, what would you like us to help with? A part of the problem, or the whole of the problem? – David Thomas Jul 28 '12 at 20:45
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function diff(A, B) {
    return A.filter(function (a) {
        return B.indexOf(a) == -1;
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var A = ['Istanbul', 'Hong Kong', 'Berlin'],
    B = ['Berlin', 'Bonn'],
    C = [];

$.each(A, function(i,e) {
    if ($.inArray(e, B) == -1) C.push(e);

//C now contains ['Istanbul', 'Hong Kong']


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var minus = function ( a, b ) {
    return a.filter(function ( name ) {
        return b.indexOf( name ) === -1;

Live demo:

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