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I'm building web application in Spring and want to display enum value as a label in *.jsp

My enum:

public enum Type {BODY_WEIGHT, WEIGHTS};

Right now I'm displaying it in form using:

            <form:select path="type" items="${typeLabels}" itemValue="value" itemLabel="label">

"typelabels" is a list of simple objects mapping enum value to a label:

    List<ExerciseType> typeLabels = new ArrayList<ExerciseType>();
    typeLabels.add(new ExerciseType(Type.BODY_WEIGHT, "Body weight"));
    typeLabels.add(new ExerciseType(Type.WEIGHTS, "With weights"));

Which works great.

Now I want to display list of objects with enum as a property:

          <c:forEach var="exercise" items="${list}" >

Obviously right now I'm getting values like 'BODY_WEIGHT' and 'WEIGHTS'.

Is there a way to supply list of mappings between enum values and their labels similar to previous example?

I don't want to hardcode labels in enums with something like BODY_WEIGHT("Body weight") since I want to localize application later.



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Associate a resource bundle to your enum, containing the enum names as keys, and the enum labels as values. Then use <fmt:setBundle/> and <fmt:message> with the enum name as a key to display the associated label:

<fmt:setBundle basename="com.foo.bar.resources.Type" var="typeBundle"/>
<fmt:message key="${exercise.type}" bundle="${typeBundle}"/>
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Thanks! I used <spring:message> tag since I already have localization bundle loaded but the idea behind this is the same. I also changed the way I display option list - I found very nice custom tag to do just this - using the same message bundle: springjutsu.org/2011/03/… –  Leonti Jul 29 '12 at 15:50

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