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Hi I'm passing 3 arguments to a test case using @Parameters annotation. It is possible to make any of the one as null and test? Please help..

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Which version of JUnit are you using? What's the problem if you simply try to return a null from the method with @Parameters annotation? Is it a NullPointerException? Because if so I remember there was such a bug in 4.10 don't know if they fixed it already.

Did you simply try returning new Object[] {null, someObject1, someObject2}? This should work. If not then please provide more information on how your test looks/what's the problem.

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recently i started zohhak project. it lets you write:

   "25 USD, 7",
   "38 GBP, 2",
   "null,   0"
public void testMethod(Money money, int anotherParameter) {
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