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On the same column: 4/1/2011 is right aligned in EXCEL, 13/01/2011 is left aligned. Excel seems to interpret these values from the same column irregardless of how I datatype format them, as two different data types. This ruins the project because I need the same datatype and the same format for values located on that column (I import and use the data in Excel and part of the information is displayed as NULL in Sql Server probably expected due to the misalignment). Any suggestions, please?

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You need to look into locale and date formats. The second one is quite obviously a UK-format 13 January; but the first one is ambiguous. I'd guess your Excel is interpreting the first as 1 April (dates are right-aligned) and not understanding the second (so it's treating it as a string; strings are left-aligned). But there isn't enough information here to give a definitive answer. –  Andrew Leach Jul 28 '12 at 22:32
Excel is interpreting these as American dates: April 1, 2011, and Month-13 1, 2011. "13/01/2011" is not a valid American date and therefore a string to be left aligned. Can you change the format? "13-01-2011" might be OK but 13Jan2011 which cannot be misinterpreted would be better. See my question stackoverflow.com/q/9839676/973283 for more information. –  Tony Dallimore Jul 28 '12 at 22:34
See my answer on your other question –  andy holaday Jul 28 '12 at 23:43

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