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I am using SOLR for my search server. I wondered if it is possible to or advisable to use it for geocoding. I was going to use it for postcodes, cities and towns. I hope to have a structure like this:

Name: London Long/Lat: 1.1/-1.2 Country: UK

Name: Manchester Long/Lat: 1.1/-1.2 Country: UK

Name: SN5 3PW Long/Lat: 1.1/-1.2 Country: UK

Would something like this work? I could then have unlimited requests without having to use a map or having a branded searchbox like I do with google and others.

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You might want to read this article which explains a similar design.

Google geospatial Lucene for more.

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Checkout Spatial4J or Lucene-Spatial playground which is committed to lucene spatial (version 4) as well which is pretty decent. Google for RecursivePrefixTreeStrategy and GeohashPrefixTree by David Smiley.

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Hi. Do these actually allow geocoding though? It seems like it is just an improved spacial search module for dealing with long/lat –  James Willson Jul 30 '12 at 23:15
I reckon they do, You can add geo tagged shapes to the index. –  amas Jul 30 '12 at 23:51

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