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I want a way to comprehensively view:

1. what's going on in my database
2. what the schema looks like

Is there a good tool that lets you do that?

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Sorry, but we don't really do tool requests here. Try Google. – Matt Ball Jul 28 '12 at 23:57
@MattBall First of all, I'm not "Shopping". Take a look at the article you yourself linked to in your answer I'm not buying a macbook or any software. I still do not think there's anything wrong with asking question like this. Second, I looked all over Google and saw some of the premature tools out there but couldn't figure out what is the most frequently used tool. Isn't that the point of asking questions here? – Vlad Jul 29 '12 at 0:37
It's irrelevant that you're not looking to pay for it. The last paragraph of the answer: "But Stack Overflow is not a 'tool-finding' service. I'm not sure how well asking questions with no current solution scales... I'm inclined to think such questions are too localized." – Matt Ball Jul 29 '12 at 1:14
Urgh I hate the pernickety, nerdy side of Stack Overflow. Vlad has a problem, we have the answer, end of. – Starkers May 1 '13 at 7:31
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There's a gem Active Admin that lets you do that:

And of course you can use any other Administration tool that lets you connect to your database, for instance Squirrel which connects to various sql databases, sqlite among them.

For development and testing, I would say the preferred way of knowing your data is generating it automatically using tools like FactoryGirl or Faker and look into schema.rb for the schema.

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Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. – Vlad Jul 29 '12 at 0:37
Helped me as well – Starkers May 1 '13 at 7:32

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