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I have read that JARing up Java classes before uploading them to App Engine improves performance. Can anyone explain how that is done? Can that be achieved from within Eclipse?

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You can vote for this being done automatically: code.google.com/p/googleappengine/issues/detail?id=5955 –  Thilo Jul 29 '12 at 0:24

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You can easily use Ant to make the jar

<property name="staging.dir" value="war"/>
<property name="classes.dir" value="${staging.dir}/WEB-INF/classes"/>

<target name="jarClasses">
    <delete file="${staging.dir}/WEB-INF/lib/classes.jar" />
    <echo> ${staging.dir}/WEB-INF/lib/classes.jar DELETED </echo>
    <jar destfile="${staging.dir}/WEB-INF/lib/classes.jar" basedir="${classes.dir}" />
    <echo> ${staging.dir}/WEB-INF/lib/classes.jar JARRED </echo>
    <delete dir="${classes.dir}" />
    <echo> ${classes.dir} DELETED </echo>

My layout is like:


Alternatively you can use an Ant task to deploy

Configure Eclipse to pre-bundle App Engine classes into a single JAR for faster warm-up

I haven't done it that way as I'm not sure how to handle the passphrase authentication.

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Take a look at Google Plugin for Eclipse.

It assembles all components required to build WAR files. Deployment must be done manually though.

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Would be nice if the GAE/J plugin did that automatically. –  Thilo Jul 29 '12 at 0:21

I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but you can make a JAR out of an eclipse project by right-clicking the project, then choosing Export -> Java -> Jar file. Make sure to choose the entry class/main class, or it won't work!

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