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I'm building a Twitter application that grabs a users entire following and gets their specific id Ex: 1223455

I also have a huge database full of rows that contain a specific Twitter id... Look at the examples in rows...

  1. 122345
  2. 2232144
  3. 99653222
  4. 123232
  5. 2321323
  6. 3121322

The problem is we all know that Twitter is all about more and more followers (1,000's), and I was wonder is this is a good MySQL query to run potentially up to 20 times in one script run...

SELECT * FROM table WHERE twitterID='132323' OR twitterId='23123' OR twitterId='23123' OR twitterId='23123' OR twitterId='23123' OR twitterId='23123' OR twitterId='23123' OR twitterId='23123

And on and on and on and on... There could potentially be over 1,000 OR statements in a single query (and a similar query like this could be called 20 times)

This doesn't seem like a very good programming practice, but I haven't heard of another way...??

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Have you used IN keyword? – hmmftg Jul 29 '12 at 0:15
I see you accepted the answer with the "in" list. This is perfectly reasonable, but you should consider the version that keeps the ids in a table and uses a join (or in). At some point, you may run into compilation issues and even query length issues. – Gordon Linoff Jul 29 '12 at 1:55
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Use the in specifier:

Select * from table where twitterid in (123,456,789,...)
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Is this still a good idea though... Will it be incredibly slow? – The Man Jul 29 '12 at 0:15
do you have an index for that field twitterID ? – Gabriel Sosa Jul 29 '12 at 0:16
It will be faster than the ors. Only other suggestion i can think of is using a view if you consistently look for groups of numbers. – Mike Mackintosh Jul 29 '12 at 0:16
No I don't have an index... Would that help? – The Man Jul 29 '12 at 0:18
Yes, tremendously – Mike Mackintosh Jul 29 '12 at 0:18

This is a very bad idea indeed. MySQL doesn't do a good job with optimizing OR statements.

You'd be far better off using a JOIN or something like this

WHERE twitterId IN (
      select * 
        from followers
       where followee = whatever
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Try this:

FROM table t1
WHERE twitterID 
      IN (select twitterID 
            from twitterIDsTable t2
           where t1.twitterID = t2.twitterID)--for performance
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