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I am developing a Cocoa Mac app which dynamically generates and registers itself for URL schemes. However, when the application registers itself to handle a newly generated URL scheme (e.g. myscheme1423://), I would like to prevent the application from responding to any previously registered URL schemes.

I am using LSSetDefaultHandlerForURLScheme() for the purpose of registering a URL scheme; in conjunction, the application automatically overwrites it's Info.plist to contain the new scheme. As you may know, the LSSetDefaultHandlerForURLScheme() function adds the given bundleID/scheme to a Launch Services database. However, I couldn't find an equivalent Launch Services function to remove the same bundleID/scheme pair from the database.

I know that I could simply ignore any external events which originated from a URL scheme other than the one for which the app is actively registered, but it feels to me that there should be a simple way to completely wipe out the system's knowledge of the previous scheme. If my application goes through the process of registering for a new scheme more than a few hundred times, a point will come where a significant amount of space (for a Plist, at least) is being taken up on disk by a plethora of pointless pieces of data (i.e. the old Launch Services entries).

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