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I've set up a "psuedo-oop" system inside of my script that lets me better interact with the UserData from my application. My system works remarkably good except that it doesn't pass references, it passes values. Because of this, if I say something like:


Nothing actually happens because it never actually sets the Bodys parent to the other body. Instead, it kind of simplifies to this:


(Because World is the parent of the Body so it is returned). Now, if I do something like this, on the other hand:


==> World

Because it correctly got the World object (being the parent of the Body).

Now with this all in mind, is there some way to make sure it is passed more by reference instead of actually sending the object? Any ideas would be appreciated!

Here is the relevant source code that I'm using:

local target=_G

function AddService(service)
    Blank=(function(...) return end)
        local env_meta={
            __index=(function(this, key)
                if obj[key]~=nil and obj[key]~=key then
                    if type(obj[key]) ~= "userdata" then
                        return obj[key]
                        local r,i=pcall(function() Blank(obj[key].Type) end)
                        if r then
                            return CreateTemporaryIndex(obj[key])
                            return (function(...) local arg={...} table.remove(arg,1) return obj[key](obj,unpack(arg)) end)
                    local ofObj=obj:Child(key)
                    if ofObj~=nil then
                        return CreateTemporaryIndex(ofObj)
                return nil
        local nRe={}
        return nRe

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Everything but numbers are passed by reference in Lua. The only way you could make pass by value would be to explicitly copy and object before passing it. – Mud Jul 29 '12 at 4:12
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The __index metamethod is only called when accessing properties. In order to implement a custom setter you will need to define the __newindex metamethod as well. You can find more info in the section of the Lua manual that I linked to.

That said, if I were you I would think again whether all of this proxy table complication is really needed. For an example of one of the little corner cases that you might have not covered, iterating over your environments with pairs and ipairs will fail unless you add __ipairs and __pairs metamethods as well.

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In response to your second thought, what would you propose as a more adequate solution? I'm going to go ahead and check out your solution now, but regardless, I'm open to other options as well. – Xander Lamkins Jul 29 '12 at 16:40
@Dlamk: I was referring to the boring solution where you have tons of get and set methods or whatever is the simplest thing that works. – hugomg Jul 29 '12 at 18:04

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