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Now that PhoneGap is version 2.0, is there a (potentially undocumented) way to have a contact picker?

The docs make it seem like I'd have to write my own in JavaScript by requesting ALL the user's contacts, then building my own in-app contact picker.


I've found a one-off plug-in for Android, but that's not helpful if there's no plug-in for iPhone, cause then I'd still have to write my own. I'm looking for a device agnostic method that says "let the user go pick a contact, then send them back here with that contact info"

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I don't know whether you can use this solution for Android as well but for iPhone you can use the .chooseContact() method.


    <a href="#" onclick="contactChooser()">Choose a contact</a>

    function contactChooser(){

    //The chooseContact method will open a new window with all you contacts

        //After picking a name you will receive the id of the chosen contact

            //In an options variable you can set some filter parameters
            //In this example we will use the Id to receive the data of the chosen contact
            var options = {
                filter: ""+id

            //In the fields variable we're going to set the fields we want to receive
            //'*' = every data. More field values are explained
            // here: http://bit.ly/T8YyuE
            var fields = ['*'];

            navigator.contacts.find(fields, onPickContactSuccess, onPickContactError, options);
        }, null);

    function onPickContactSuccess(contacts){
        //contacts contains all data you've requested

        var _name = contacts[0].name

        alert('Last: '+_name.familyName+' First: '+_name.givenName);
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Just a note: This appears to be an undocumented feature for iOS only. See groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/phonegap/JI42d5prb-I –  Anthony May 23 '13 at 22:41

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