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hi guys having a little trouble with python very new to it im trying to count how many times a certain set of characters appears in one line anyway i can get it to count but it counts 4 ie.

a = raw_input('insert pirate bob speak line line 1 - ')
b = raw_input('insert pirate bob speak line line 2 - ')
c = raw_input('insert pirate bob speak line line 3 - ')

im trying to get t to count how many times there is a rr in a sentence but only if a double appears problem is when i launch the full code with the neccesary input of 1.yarrrr harrr me hearties and a bottle of rrrrum it counts the amout of double rs i just want to know how many are sentences contain the double r

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Show how you're trying to count the occurrences of rr. Also, how many occurrences does 'rrrr' have - 2 or 3? – Matt Ball Jul 29 '12 at 1:28
Show us your code so we can give you details on where you get wrong. The idea is to use loop. – neo Jul 29 '12 at 1:29
where is your looping part there? or the part that counts the letter r? – neo Jul 29 '12 at 1:39

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If you want one single rr to be found per line:

import re
myline = 'harrrr!'
matches = re.findall('(rr+)',myline)
if matches: 
    print "exactly",len(matches)," rr was found"


To learn more about regular expressions, type help(re)

This particular regular expression says: search for all groups in a line, containing two or more 'r's

If you want to search for rr-s but not for rrrs, use:

re.findall('(?:[^|[^r])(rr)(?:[^r]|$)', 'harrrarrr')

Which is slightly more difficult (search for all those 'rr's, who are either preceded by a character which isn't r or the line starts there, and are followed by either a character which isn't r, or the line ends there, whilst not caring about these following and preceding characters)

In general, you can improve your "control flow" by:

import re
while True: #forever or at least until break-[up], you know, love-style forever;)
    line = raw_input("Howdy? ")
    if line: # if the user actually typed in something
        matches = re.findall('(rr+)',line)
        if matches: 
            print "exactly",len(matches)," rr was found"
            print "you'rrre NOT a pirrate!"
        break #quit
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