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Not sure if this question is suited to this site (maybe programmers?) but I was wondering about where one might find freely available word lists and I was also curious of the legal issues surrounding such lists.

For example, and this may be a stupid question, but can a word list be copyrighted or trademarked or something like that? For example, if someone has a list of 3,000 different animals and I find said list, am I free to use it in my program or would I have to obtain permission from the creator? Can never be too careful I suppose?

Mostly though, I'm just curious of whether or not one can use these without notice to their creator or propagator but if someone has any links or resources that they might be able to share that would also be appreciated. My application is in C# if it matters at all (doubt it).


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Some countries do have database or compilation copyrights. In the United States, you cannot copyright a collection of mere information with no creative content. For example, phone books cannot be protected by copyright. If there is no creativity involved in the selection of words on the list, then there is no copyright protection in the United States.

Copyright does not result from effort, but from creative decisions. If there are insufficient creative decisions involved in constructing the list, it cannot be protected by copyright under US law.

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