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Here's the issue -

I'm writing a program that will iterate through a series of image manipulations - both effecting the whole image as well as just portions of the image. I need to demonstrate these changes to the user (myself) so I can see what's going wrong with my manipulations as they take place.

I originally tried to use PIL and Tkinter to do this - but I couldn't even load an image into the GUI - here's a bit of code formed from the corners of the web, via many google searches:

from Tkinter import *
import Image, ImageDraw, ImageTk
import time

class Test(Frame):
    def __init__(self):
        self.c = Canvas(self, width=574, height=431, bg="red")
        Button(self, text="Process", command=self.procImg).pack()
        Button(self, text="Quit", command=self.quit).pack()
    def procImg(self):
        t = time.time()
        self.flashImg = Image.open("./in_img/resize.bmp")
        #self.flashImg = flashImg.resize((574, 431))
        self.flashImg = self.flashImg.convert("L")
        #self.photo = ImageTk.BitmapImage(flashImg)
        self.c.photo = ImageTk.PhotoImage(self.flashImg)
        self.c.create_image(574, 431, anchor=NW, image=self.c.photo)
        self.c.create_rectangle(50, 50, 100, 100, fill="blue")
        print time.time()-t

t = Test()

So the above code is pretty bad, I know - but I wanted to post something to prove that I have at least been working at this.

Can anyone suggest to me a new way of approaching this problem using Python? I'd rather not learn a different language - I'm new to the Tkinter library so if something else is better suited for this, I have no issues learning a new library.

Also, FYI, the "resize.bmp" image is a resized .JPG from a digital camera. I tried that one too and it didn't work - I really need to find a way to flash bitmaps from memory to the screen in a GUI so I can adjust parameters as the processing is going on.

Thanks for your help!

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The image is probably there. It's just not visible.

Instead of :

self.c.create_image(574, 431, anchor=NW, image=self.c.photo)

try :

self.c.create_image(0, 0, anchor=NW, image=self.c.photo)

Also, if you keep a reference to the canvas image item, you can swap different images in and out.

eg. (self.canvasItem) below :

from Tkinter import * 
from PIL import Image, ImageTk, ImageDraw, ImageOps, ImageEnhance

class ImageButcher(Tk):
    def __init__(self):

        #create ui
        f = Frame(self, bd=2)

        self.colour = StringVar(self)
        self.colourMenu = OptionMenu(f, self.colour,

        self.rectangleButton = Button(f, text='Rectangle',

        self.brightenButton = Button(f, text='Brighten',

        self.mirrorButton = Button(f, text='Mirror',

        self.c = Canvas(self, bd=0, highlightthickness=0,
                        width=100, height=100)
        self.c.pack(fill='both', expand=1)

        #load image
        im = Image.open('IMG_1584.JPG')

        self.tkphoto = ImageTk.PhotoImage(im)
        self.canvasItem = self.c.create_image(0,0,anchor='nw',image=self.tkphoto)
        self.c.config(width=im.size[0], height=im.size[1])

        self.img = im
        self.temp = im.copy() # 'working' image

    def display_image(self, aImage):
        self.tkphoto = pic = ImageTk.PhotoImage(aImage)
        self.c.itemconfigure(self.canvasItem, image=pic)

    def on_mirror(self):
        im = ImageOps.mirror(self.temp)
        self.temp = im

    def on_brighten(self):
        brightener = ImageEnhance.Brightness(self.temp)
        self.temp = brightener.enhance(1.1) # +10%

    def draw_rectangle(self):
        bbox = 9, 9, self.temp.size[0] - 11, self.temp.size[1] - 11        
        draw = ImageDraw.Draw(self.temp)
        draw.rectangle(bbox, outline=self.colour.get())

app = ImageButcher()
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Dude that works. Epic- this answers my question. Thank you! – jimf Aug 12 '12 at 2:21

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