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I worked previously with ASP.Net Menu control & it worked fine, In my latest project i am using the same menu control but for some reason menu keeps on adding additional space on left side of menu when clicked. Please look at two screenshots.

I have this issue only with IE 8 & below version not with any other browser

Live Example of website

Internet Explorer 8 on actual Machine Internet Explorer 8 on actual Machine

Internet Explorer 8 using IE Tester Internet Explorer 8 using IE Tester

I have been struggling with this design issue for last few days as i am not able to figure out what property is causing... This is noticeable only if you have actual Internet Explorer 8 installed on you system or if you using IE tester and test it for IE 8 version.

If you have higher version as i have IE 9 i check it using F12 but it doesn't show any design issue in IE 8 either in standard or compatible mode.

I would appreciate help in this regarding as i am not an expert on CSS.

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At last resolved the issue. problem was due CSS property conflict, i had wrote CSS in following manner which was creating problem. I wrote both classes separately to resolve the issue

.LNMore a:link, a:visited 
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