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I'm working on my laptop on a source-controlled project, but now I want to move my work to my desktop. The thing is, I can't commit because the changes are still work-in-progress.

  • A solution may be to Export, but as far as I know that doesn't take into account file deletion (which I did).
  • Another solution would be to make a patch and apply on the desktop, but the last time I tested, it didn't take into account binary files (which I have created and modified).

I don't have admin privileges, so I can't create a new branch.

Any other solution / workaround? Thanks!

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Just copy the whole working copy including the hidden .svn folder over to your desktop computer. Zipping first is allowed as well.

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Thanks, that was easy. – Veehmot Aug 3 '12 at 5:58

That sounds like a straightforward file-sync problem. Why not use something like rsync?

rsync -a --delete --exclude .git laptop:~/path/to/wd/ desktop:~/path/to/wd/
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If you plan to sometimes work on your laptop, and sometimes on your dektop, or simply if your changes last more than a day, you should probably create a feature branch and commit there. Once your feature is complete, reintegrate the feature branch into the trunk.

The SVN book covers feature branches.

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