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I have a website hosted in the directory: /var/www/

This directory and all its subfolders allow the execution of PHP code. However, I would like to prevent the PHP files that are in a specific folder (/var/www/ from accessing the parent folder and listing its files.

Example: a PHP function like scandir() should be allowed to list all folders, subfolders and files that are in (/var/www/, but should NOT be allowed to list files below that level.

Do you know how a behavior like this could be implemented (with Nginx preferably)?

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Set the PHP open_basedir option for files running in that folder?

For instance, in nginx:

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I figured out that enabling PHP-FPM's chroot variable is actually the best way to really lock a user into a directory. It's still not bulletproof, but way better than using the open_basedir option.

Google "chroot user php-fpm"

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