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Is there a feature in jqplot that calculates the curve and allows you to display values in between the points in a series?

For example the series below will only display these five values when showVerticalLine is set to true. I'd like to display each value along the curve with each tick.

var data = [['2011-05-03 10:15:30', 25],
            ['2011-05-04 11:30:30', 30],
            ['2011-05-05 10:15:30', 25],
            ['2011-05-06 11:30:30', 33],
            ['2011-05-07 10:15:30', 25]];
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I think you could approach it in the following way:

  1. For each curve segment check against a vertical line for intersection (some math on line and curve intersection, but there is more on the web I am sure you might even find a ready JavaScript method).
  2. If they intersect you have the wanted point and you can display its x and y coordinates.

If you use smoothed line option then you could get the points plotObj.series[0].renderer._smoothedPlotData, as in @Mark's answer, and test for example for point line distance and take the closest. Though the first mentioned approach would be more precise.

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Thanks alot for the direction, I got it going. –  user1560527 Jul 30 '12 at 22:04

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