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how do you set session attributes with java.net.URLConnection or its subclasses?

In other words, what is the equivalent of HttpSession.setAttribute(String, Object) in Java.net.URLConnection? URLConnection does have setRequestProperty(String, String), but it does not help me as I need similar functionality as session.setAttribute(String, Object) for setting a timestamp.

In other words, how do you express following call with URLConnection?
HttpSession.setAttribute("timestamp", timestamp);

I cant change the contract with the third party, that is my request must have an timestamp attribute with a java.util.Date value.

Any help appreciated.

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You can't. The session is kept, privately, at server-side, and is not available from the client. It's not part of the HTTP protocol at all, but is just something that nearly all server-side webapp APIs offer to allow keeping state associated to one particular user of the application.

Basically, what you're asking is the equivalent of "what can I put in my email to store some text in the C:\session.txt file on the hard drive of the recipient?":

  • there is perhaps no C:\session.txt file
  • you can't access the hard drive of a recipient by writing something in an email. It would constitute a big security problem
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