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Here is my simple code :

 #include <stdio.h>

    int main(){
        printf("Hello new world\n");
        char c[10];
        return 0;

Normal, We will see: Hello new world, after that, we input some string, and C will print this string for us.

But in my eclipse CDT, when running, console is empty. I must input a string first, for example, stackoverflow. after that, my program will print :

Hello new world

I don't know why happen, please teach me to fix this.

Thanks :)

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It's something that developers of Eclipse do not consider for a bug.

You can read more about this "bug" here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=173732

Anyway... Ugly but working solution is to put


after every printf() and puts().

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