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After having used Swing for the past 3 years for School and such, I decided to give JavaFX a try and play around with it. With the new Scene Builder and NetBeans 7.2, it's been a blast so far.

The next step I'd like to do is convert a small project of mine into JavaFX. One of the issue however is that project uses a MVC Architecture. Basically I have a JFrame with a Toolbar, a JMenuBar, plus an empty JPanel.

The JPanel is used to display a View which is a JPanel built the using GUI Builder of NetBeans. This allows me to navigate to different view and each view is an independent component.

My question is as followed: Is there any ways to display a Scene inside a Scene? Or achieve similar result as a JPanel inside a JPanel, or a User Control inside a User Control (for the .Net folks)

Basically, I'd like to display another scene in the Gray area of the picture.

The current UI I'm going for

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I had the same reaction when I came in: you want a Node (which feels wrong on a first glance). The Node is basically the root component that can contain itself (much like a JPanel) and though you can change out scenes on your stage if you're looking for the "root component" it will extend Node for the MVC basics.


I'm sure you could get fancy and swap out scenes on your stage (which is totally viable) but from my Swing background the Node behaved more naturally. Caviat: I find I write a bit more framework and abstractions to make it work for me (wrapped classes with Groups etc...) but it definitely does the trick.

I hope to find a better way, for my "Module" based project I initially used Scenes, but found it completely restricting. The Nodes allow for much more dynamic content.

Best of luck.

edit: reading the doc after answering I really should say "Parent" but the direct subclasses of Node are all useful as containers)

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