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How does this work? Please provide a detailed answer on how to build this feature from scratch.

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Look into HTML5 Geolocation. See this: http://merged.ca/iphone/html5-geolocation/

As per that code, you want to use navigator.geolocation to retrieve the appropriate position:

if (navigator.geolocation) 

        function (position) {  

        // Did we get the position correctly?
        // alert (position.coords.latitude);

        // To see everything available in the position.coords array:
        // for (key in position.coords) {alert(key)}


        // next function is the error callback
        function (error)
                case error.TIMEOUT:
                    alert ('Timeout');
                case error.POSITION_UNAVAILABLE:
                    alert ('Position unavailable');
                case error.PERMISSION_DENIED:
                    alert ('Permission denied');
                case error.UNKNOWN_ERROR:
                    alert ('Unknown error');
else // finish the error checking if the client is not compliant with the spec
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