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I am looking for some modern Capistrano 2.x / Deprec recipes for setting up toosl ike MongoDB, Xapian and Xapian-fu, and other tools (Redis, Memcache/d, etc)

Anyone know if Deprec is still active enough to have some recipes for some of these modern tools



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I would suggest looking into using Chef or Puppet to manage the tool/system configuration and continue to use Capistrano for app deployment.

There are modules to integrate Capistrano with either Chef or Puppet, eg:

The Chef community is growing quickly but Puppet has been around for longer. The community contributed Puppet recipes tend to have broader O/S support, but Chef is catching up.

Either could be a great choice but discussing the merits of each for this question would lead to extended debate :).

A few perspectives:

deprec.org and the deprec-users discussion group both seem rather dormant at the moment.

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