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I have this structure :

typedef struct xmlelem{
Char         *Element_name;
Char         *Element_Text;  
pAttr_Element    attr_arr[M];
Xml_Element     *parent;
Xml_Element     *children[N];
Int         depth;
Int         num_of_children;
Int         num_of_attr;

I was wondering about the children and the attr_arr . For the attr_arr - is it a pointer to an array where every cell is from type pAttr_Element or from type attr_Element ? How can I figure out if the cell is a pointer or the structure itself? How can I define both of them? I'm kind of lost..

sorry - here is the pAttr_Element:

 typedef struct {
   char *name;
   char *value;

another editing ,trying to be clearer

I understood thanks to the guys here that this is an array,where each cell is a pointer of type pAttr_Element.

I also understand now that declaring : Attr_Element[10] is an array where each cell is type of my structure

the only thing missing is how I define a pointer to an array where each cell is from type Attr_Element ? and not a pointer


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Where is pAttr_Element defined ? –  cnicutar Jul 29 '12 at 6:51
maybe this can help: stackoverflow.com/questions/260915/… –  Jon Jul 29 '12 at 6:52

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Here I have assumed attr_Element is structure and pAttr_Element is typedef for type of pointer to this structure.

typdef atr_Element* pAttr_Element;

In this case, pAttr_Element attr_arr[M]; each element of attr_arr is a pointer variable to attr_Element. That means attr_arr is a array of pointer of type attr_Element

If you want to define array of elements of type attr_Element, directly use that type as below

#define SIZE_OF_ELEM 20

struct attr_Element attr_arr[SIZE_OF_ELEM];
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I'm sorry but I think I'm misunderstanding something here , If it's an array of pointers to this structure, how can I define an array of structures ? using : attr_elment arr[10] gives me the array , but If I want a pointer to an array of structures? and not a pointer to array of pointers to structures, what can i do? –  user1386966 Jul 29 '12 at 7:01
@user1386966 : updated –  raja ashok Jul 29 '12 at 7:15

If pAttr_Element is a pointer to Attr_Element, then attr_arr is an array of M pointers to Attr_Element.

In other words, attr_arr[0] is of type pAttr_Element, and attr_arr[0]->name is char*, and attr_arr[0]->name[0] is a char.

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