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My app has user, photo, and state models with the following setup:

A state has many users.

A user has many photos.

I have the photos view set up as the homepage (application.root). I am trying to set up a select tag to filter the photos w.r.t the selected state.

In View:

<%= form_tag photos_path, :method => 'get' do%>
    <%= select("state", "name", State.all.collect(&:name)) %>
    <%= submit_tag "State" %>
<% end %>

In Controller:

if params[:state]
    statesmen = State.find_by_name(params[:state][:name]).users
    statesmen.each do |person|
        @photos = @photos <<  Photo.where(:user_id =>


  • Is there a better way to collect the photos?
  • Currently, the photos table only has a user_id column. Should I just create a state_id column too?
  • What's wrong with the current approach?
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Check the edits. Next time please consider making descriptive sentences, formatting code and avoiding HTML tags where you can (especially for single line break). Remember, quality does improve the chances of getting prompt attention. Welcome to stack overflow! – vulcan raven Jul 29 '12 at 11:54
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So your associations are set up as follows:


has_many :users


belongs_to :state
has_many :photos


belongs_to :user

Just add to state.rb

has_many :photos, :through => :users

Then you can do just:

@photos = State.find_by_name(params[:state][:name]).photos
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