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I've written a fair few php apps in the past, but tonight is my first foray into SVN so I figured I'd also document my code properly. What's the adopted format for documenting php functions?

Obviously I could adopt my own format, but, looking forward, if there's one which can be used by documentation tools then all the better.


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up vote 8 down vote accepted I've been trying to use that style for all my inline docs for a while, and there are a few other tools to help out.

Finally, I run the following shell script in a cron-job every night:


DIR=`readlink -f $0`
DIR=`dirname $DIR`
DIR=`readlink -f $DIR/..`

# ignoring the (/blog, ) root dir, *.sh files or backups
# find files changed in the last day
FIND=`find $DIR/  -mtime 0  ! -name '*\.sh' ! -iname '\.bak' ! \
  -iname '*~'  -type f ! -name \.svn \
  | grep -v \.svn | grep -v "/blog/" | grep -v '/tmp/' `

test -n '$FIND' && clear;echo "The following files have changed: \n$FIND\n"

# if there are no files, exit.
test -z "$FIND" && exit

# OK, there may be something new to document

# and the PHPdocs
phpdoc -c phpdoc.ini $@

and phpdoc.ini is:

[Parse Data]
title = WEBSITE-NAME Manual
hidden = false
parseprivate = on
javadocdesc = off
defaultcategoryname = Documentation
defaultpackagename = WEBSITE
quiet = on
target = /web/Hosts/docs/phpdoc
readmeinstallchangelog = README, INSTALL, FAQ, LICENSE
sourcecode = on

(based on the example phpdoc.ini on the website

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Why are you using a find command to determine what's changed? Isn't there a source control system for that? – Alex Weinstein Sep 23 '08 at 0:53
I would still have to check when they last changed, and grep out the files I don't care about. – Alister Bulman Sep 23 '08 at 10:08

I am not aware of a standard, but you can use phpDocumentor for auto-documentation.

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PhpDocumentor is also used by the PEAR and Zend projects, so it's as close to a standard as you can get. – Michael Johnson Sep 22 '08 at 20:25

There is no one solid standard for documenting PHP. If you are working with a CMS or Framework check their documentation for any special documentation methods.

If you are looking for a suggestion for a project, the most common method I've seen in Open Source is to use PHPDoc.

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based off of Javadoc.

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