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I am doing project using Lucen library in here I need to build query dynamically using Json object. so in here I use jettison library. as an example my json like this

{"OR":{"OR": {"fildKey1": "value1","fildKey2": "value2","fildKeyabc": "valueabc"},"AND": {"AND": {"fildKey3": "value3","OR": {"fildKey4": "value4","fildKey5": "value5"}},"fildKeyw": "valuew"}}}

using above json I need to create following query

(( fildKey1 : value1 OR fildKey2 : value2 OR fildKeyabc : valueabc )OR(( fildKey3 : value3 AND( fildKey4 : value4 OR fildKey5 : value5 ))AND fildKeyw : valuew ))

but I can't get the above query.my result is like this

(( fildKey1 : value1 OR fildKey2 : value2 OR fildKeyabc : valueabc )OR(( fildKey3 : value3 AND( fildKey4 : value4 OR fildKey5 : value5 )AND)AND fildKeyw : valuew )OR)

I need to remove above extra 2 operators this is my code

public class JettisionCls {
   static Stack s = new Stack();
   String operater = null;
   static String res = "";
   int bracket_counter = 0;   

public void getKeyAndValue(JSONObject json_obj) throws JSONException{
    Iterator<String> iter = json_obj.keys();

    while (iter.hasNext()) {
        String obj = iter.next();
        if(obj.toLowerCase().equals("and") || obj.toLowerCase().equals("or")){
            operater = obj;              

        JSONObject temp = null;
        try {
            temp = new JSONObject(json_obj.get(obj).toString());
        } catch (JSONException e) {

        if (temp != null) {
            res = res +"(";


            res = res +")";
            if((s.size()) != 0 && bracket_counter != 0){
                res = res +s.peek(); 
                res = res+" "+obj + " : " + json_obj.get(obj) + " " + operater;                                    }
                res = res+" "+obj + " : " + json_obj.get(obj)+" ";

my main method look like this

String multiLevelQuery = "{\"OR\":{\"OR\": {\"fildKey1\": \"value1\",\"fildKey2\": \"value2\",\"fildKeyabc\": \"valueabc\"},\"AND\": {\"AND\": {\"fildKey3\": \"value3\",\"OR\": {\"fildKey4\": \"value4\",\"fildKey5\": \"value5\"}},\"fildKeyw\": \"valuew\"}}}";

JSONObject jobj = new JSONObject(multiLevelQuery);
JettisionCls obj = new JettisionCls();

if anyone can please help me.

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@Afrin this one also work for simple query. also I can't see any bug in here.if it has please explain more. –  mssb Jul 30 '12 at 4:20

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I think you can do this using string replacement.

public void createQry(String s){
    String temp = s;

        temp = temp.replace(")OR)", "))");
        temp = temp.replace(")AND)", "))");
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Yes I also tried this one. thanks. –  mssb Aug 22 '12 at 5:25

Hmm, this is an interesting problem. But instead of brute force, I would have gone with something more elegant like recursion. The pushing, popping and concatinating will be done by recursion for you. In your code, I can see a lot of places where it can break. Even if you fix this issue, there is a chance that it will fail for another condition.

A sample algorithm with recursion would be

public String generateQuery(JSONObject json_obj) {

   return generated_query_for_single_condition;

//else complex json with inner children
   return generateQuery(innerJSONObject)


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can you explain more –  mssb Jul 30 '12 at 7:18
@Afrin He has already used recursion, but it wasn't enough to get the expected result –  code-jaff Jul 31 '12 at 5:50

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