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I trying to edit an users profile. I have a "Date of birth" textfield, for which I use jqueryui date picker. At the server side I have struts2. Struts2 returns the date in java.util.Calendar object. I looking to find a way in which the default date of the datepicker can be set using this Calendar object.

Can this be done using struts-jquery plugin?

I tried like this

    $(function() {
        $("#txtDob").datepicker( "setDate" , <s:property value="#vendor.dateOfBirth" />);
        $( "#txtDob" ).datepicker({
            yearRange: '1930:-18',
            changeMonth: true,
            changeYear: true,

Nothing is happening, even the datepicker isn't working.

Any help will be appreciated.

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With Struts2 jQuery Plugin you can use the value attribute from the DatePickerTag to set the value of your DatePicker.

<sj:datepicker value="%{vendor.dateOfBirth}" id="txtDob" name="dateOfBirth" label="Birthday" />

When using plain jQuery Ui and Struts2 you can use the Struts2 DateTag to set the Date.

$("#txtDob").val($.datepicker.formatDate(params.dateFormat, new Date(<s:date name="%{vendor.dateOfBirth}" format="yyyy, MM, dd" />)));

Note: You should init your datepicker before you set the Date via $(elem).datepicker( "setDate", val)

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Thanks, its working great, I have on more query. I am able to get the date into the textfield but it not in the correct format. I want it to be in dd/MM/yyyy format. How can it be done. –  Hasif Jul 30 '12 at 7:17
Do you have used the <s:date /> tag? take a look at the format attribute. –  jogep Jul 31 '12 at 14:35
$("#yourinput").datepicker( "setDate" , "<% date_here %>" );
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