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I have a panel placed inside a webpart which holds a chart . The title of the webpart zone is Untitled[0],Untitled[1]....There is no title tag in the panel control or web part . Any one know how to solve this .

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Try with this:

            <asp:WebPartZone Height="100px" Width="75%" runat="server" 
                ID="productSummaryZone" HeaderText="Product summary">
                    <uc:ProductSummary title="Product summary title" runat="server" ID="productSummary" />
  • HeaderText="Product summary". This header is used to identify your web part when you are in edit, design mode or connect mode (this is not the title)

  • <uc:ProductSummary title="Product summary title" runat="server" ID="productSummary" />. This represents a UserControl in this case, and this was added in the ZoneTemplate, as you can see, you can pass a title="..." to your UserControl even when you do not have declared a property with that name, the WebPart then uses that property to display the title... kinda tricky


enter image description here

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It's worked @Jupaol . Thanks . – Ananthakumar Alwar Jul 29 '12 at 11:18

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