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are there any hexadecimal encoding/decoding functions that mysql will recognize to avoid writing a whole algorithm out. base16_encode/decode does not work. Thanks

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MySQL understands hexidecimal literals

MySQL supports hexadecimal values, written using X'val', x'val', or 0xval format, where val contains hexadecimal digits (0..9, A..F). Lettercase of the digits does not matter. For values written using X'val' or x'val' format, val must contain an even number of digits. For values written using 0xval syntax, values that contain an odd number of digits are treated as having an extra leading 0. For example, 0x0a and 0xaaa are interpreted as 0x0a and 0x0aaa.


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Thanks, all this time I had no Idea there was a hex function, thank you very much –  user1559811 Jul 29 '12 at 10:35
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