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I have found some tools that provide graphical tools to build business process using BPEL. But does BPEL mean that the produced business processes will be based on SOAP only? OR BPEL in general can produce either SOAP or RESTful web services and not only SOAP, and this depends on the tool that is used to build business processes?

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There's an extension of the BPEL language known as BPEL for REST supported by a tool called JOpera. It's available as a plugin for Eclipse. It hasn't received much recognition though, an it doesn't make for a natural programming model, when it comes to RESTful Web Services. It still feels like an RPC-oriented solution.

You can also check out Apache ODE. Last time I checked, they offered support for a thing called WSDL 1.1 Extension for REST in the beta version of Apache ODE 2.0.

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i found a tool that uses the following technologies ; open source Eclipse BPMN Modeler, Apache ODE BPEL engine. So how can i know if the BPEL is SOAP based or it is REST based.? –  john poal Jul 29 '12 at 20:20
To be sure, you'd have to carefully read the tools documentation. BPEL was not designed for REST and its every adaptation to the paradigm is a bit far-fetched. Remember that SOAP and REST are not alternatives of equal value. SOAP is a protocol utilized by Big Web Services, while REST is more of an architectural style, a paradigm, not a protocol. SOAP itself can even be used in accordance with REST, as long as you match the semantics of methods appropriately. –  toniedzwiedz Jul 29 '12 at 22:44
To be honest, I haven't heard of a business process composition and management tool that would use the full potential of RESTful Web Services. IMHO, in order to do it, the RPC style would have to be given up in favor of a resource-oriented approach. –  toniedzwiedz Jul 29 '12 at 22:48

I have used Netbeans IDE to orchestrate web-services: which are mixture of both SOAP based and RESTful services. I mean some services were SOAP based the others were RESTful, which were orchestrated to achieve one come goal.

To stick to your question, In general BPEL do support both of them.

BPEL is an orchestration language, it specifies executable process and controls sequence of their message exchange and execution. Remember that the services (wether SOAP based or RESTful) are external to BPEL and only treated as input to the BPEL process.

As long as I know, NetBeans is a good IDE for BPEL and its GUI design makes it simple.

My recommendation is to get this IDE and start enjoying it: GlassFishESBv22 (it is NetBeans with Glass Fish server).

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